St Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery is located on the church property at the south east corner of Bridge Street and Church street in downtown Belleville Ontario

Burials at this church began in the early 1820's. They continued until the late 1870's. Approximately 80 stones remain today. In 1989 it was discovered that there were 579 grave shafts containing 607 remains.

The stones have worn with time and many are hard to read. I will be posting photos as I transcribe them. Please let me know if you see any names that need correcting.

St Thomas Anglican Church

St Thomas Anglican Church

Headstones M - Z

Joseph Mumby
died Dec 30,1866?
aged 75 years 8 months

Abram S Spafford
died Aug 17,1857

James Wallace
died May 30th, 1870
aged 65 years

Susan wife of James Wallace
Third daughter of Benjamin Belleso
April 12,1866
age 55 years

Sarah  wife of Samuel E Rose
Dec 1, 1810?
Aged 16 years 2 mo and 6 days

John McGraary
died Oct 27,1859
age 64 years

Mary McGraary
Jan 16 1859
aged 25 years 10 months

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